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New York Studio School, University of Chicago (MA), Mimar Sinan University (Ph.D)  

During 1991-2001 she lived and worked in New York.                     

Duben’s  works are paintings, book arts, video and multimedia installations which address identity, migration and cultural issues.  





2017   ONLAR/THEY, Fabrica, Brighton, UK  solo
           ONLAR/THEY, Brighton Festival
           Pi Artworks, London  solo

2016   Stay With Me, Belvedere Museum - 21er Haus, Vienna


2015   ONLAR/THEY, Salt Galata, Istanbul  solo

2014   Poetry and Exile, British Museum

           3rd EIAB – European International Book Art Biennale, Moscow 

2013   13th. İstanbul Biennial

           Fifth International Artists’ Book Exhibition, King St. Stephen Museum, Hungary

2012  2012, Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul, [cat.]   solo   


2011  Dream and Reality, Istanbul Modern [cat.]

         The (UN)Framed Photograph, Center for Book Arts, New York [cat.]

2010  A Dream... But Not Yours, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.   

2009   İPEK DUBEN: A selection 1994-2009, Akbank Sanat, İstanbul, [cat.]  solo 

           New Works New Horizons, Istanbul Modern [cat.]

           Istanbul Next Wave,  Akademie der Künst, Berlin [cat.] 

           Threads: Interweaving Textu[r]al Meanings, Center for Book Arts, New York [cat


2007   Modern and Beyond:1950-2000, Santralistanbul, Istanbul [cat.]

2006   Substance and Light:Ten Sculptors Use Cameras Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Museum, Utica, New York [cat.]

           Fourth International Artist’s Book Exhibition, King St. Stephen Museum, Hungary [cat.]

2004   Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s First International Biennial for Hand Printed Artists’ Books        Egypt [cat.]        

           Call Me Istanbul, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

2003   Time Lines Reading the City of Signs, The Architecture Centre, Bristol, UK; Istanbul           

           Bilgi University; University of Nottingham, UK; London College of Communication

2001   The Fifth Sharjah International Arts Biennial, U.A.E. [cat.]

           Stephen Gang Gallery, New York, Solo  


2017     ONLAR/THEY, Fabrica, Brighton, UK 

             ONLAR/THEY, Brighton Festival 

2015     ONLAR/THEY, Salt Galata, Istanbul



2010    THINKING GARBAGE “Videfesta” 10-International Festival of Media Arts, Goethe-Institute, Ankara

            WHAT IS A TURK? A Dream... But Not Yours, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.   


2009     WHAT IS A TURK? A selection 1994-2009, Akbank Sanat, Istanbul   

2008     THINKING GARBAGE International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany


             “Homeland Borders and Boundaries”, Video Festival, Mexicalı, Mexico

            Baja California’s Culture Institute, Arts Latina Video Festival

            Center for Photography, Woodstock, NY

            “Team Players for Plausible Art Worlds”, Event Series, Ica, Philadelphia

2006     THINKING GARBAGE   İpek Duben  - Nancy Atakan

             “Coding: Decoding: Exhibition”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen

             “(In) Place of Fear”, Imaf 8th International Multimedia Art Festival, Serbia and  Montenegro

             River’s Edge Film Festival, Kentucky

             “Too Much Freedom”, L.A. Freewaves, 10th New Media Art Festival, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles


Istanbul Modern; The British Museum; Bibliotheca Alexandrina-Egypt; Museum voor Volkenkunde Rotterdam; Wien Museum (as part of Karamustafa Export Import Project); King St. Stephen Museum, Deak Collection, Székesfehérar, Hungary; Center for Book Arts-New York; Moscow Artist’s Book Archive; Koc and Zorlu Foundations; SALT e-books; (ONLAR/THEY and İpek Duben Essay's and Interviews:1978-2010). Private collections in USA, Turkey, Japan, France, The UK. 


SALT e-books İpek Duben Essay's and Interviews:1978-2010;, 2016;

Seksenlerde Türkiye’de Çağdaş Sanat: Yeni Açılımlar [Contemporary Turkish Art in the Eighties: New Directions], ed. I. Duben and E. Yıldız, Istanbul Bilgi University Press, 2008

Türk Resmi ve Eleştirisi [Turkish Painting and Its Criticism: 1880-1950], Istanbul Bilgi University Press, 2007

“Introduction”, Çağdaş Düşünce ve Sanat [Contemporary Thought and the Arts], ed I. Duben and D. Şengel, Istanbul AIAP/PSD, 1991 (2. ed 1993

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